Graeme Rawson


It is hard to find the right words to do Graeme justice. For our band, Malumi, Graeme has been so much more than a sound engineer and producer. To us, he is completely invaluable. He has taken our humble single instrument, singer/songwriter tracks and utterly transformed them into beautiful soundscapes, above […]

Bruce Neil

Since discovering the talents of Graeme I can’t believe the results! With his extensive music knowledge and enthusiasm it’s not surprising when you hear such brilliant examples of his work. As a studio virgin, he created a very relaxed atmosphere for me and made a great experience allround. So much so […]

Bear & The Woods

“After three trips to the studio with Graeme, it is safe to say that he is a consummate professional. He has a real patience in the studio that not only makes you feel comfortable as an artist, but promotes a healthy atmosphere in which to record and encourages the best […]

Julian Bademosi

“A couple of years ago, I found this London producer listed in ‘The Stage’ entertainment industry newspaper who did, note for note, EXACTLY what I came to him with….and nothing more. And charged me. Then on a whim I googled ‘Reading based music producers’ and found Graeme and his team at Silver […]

Kicking Television

“We recorded and mixed with Graeme for two days in the most relaxed atmosphere I’ve encountered in a studio. Recording can be a stressful process at times, but all the time we spent in the studio with Graeme was a real pleasure. We had a strong idea of what we […]

The August List

“Recording with Graeme was a real pleasure. We came to him with our songs and he immediately understood our style and what the best way to record us would be. He took our ideas and ran with them as well as suggesting his own that elevated the songs and made […]