It is hard to find the right words to do Graeme justice. For our band, Malumi, Graeme has been so much more than a sound engineer and producer. To us, he is completely invaluable. He has taken our humble single instrument, singer/songwriter tracks and utterly transformed them into beautiful soundscapes, above and beyond anything we could have expected or imagined.

Graeme has the unique ability and imagination to be able to work with an artist to capture their vision for their music and build a song to its full potential. He takes great pride in his work, puts forward fantastic ideas and makes them into a reality, but alongside that he has the rare ability to really listen to and really understand what the artist wants.

As a new artist, the process of recording has the potential to be really intimidating, but Graeme simply could not make it more enjoyable. During dreaded vocal takes, he is supportive, encouraging, honest and patient. He is extremely skilled at putting nervous singers at ease!

We have now recorded an EP and a full album with Graeme at Silver Street Studios. During this time, Graeme has become a dear friend and an irreplaceable member of Team Malumi. We would not have our unique sound without him, nor the hours of wonderful memories in such a fun and inspiring working environment. I truly believe that Graeme has the ability to get along with absolutely anyone, bringing his unique blend of great humour and sensitivity to the mix.

I cannot recommend Graeme highly enough.

Sara Rose – Malumi